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Austin Stone Care & Counseling — Providing Gospel Care for the Church & the City

All of us deal with sin and suffering in big and small ways – and, we are not designed to struggle alone. Therefore, community is essential to all aspects of the care we provide. We believe that our redemption in Christ is into a community on mission. The primary expression of this is missional communities. These are the relationships that we encourage you to pursue Christ with and receive the care that we all need daily.

At the same time, there are times when we all need specialized, focused care for a particular struggle or season of life. To be pursued alongside of Missional Community, we have a number of resources to care for one another.

Austin Stone Counseling Center

We provide professional gospel counseling for the people in our church, city, and around the world.

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Preparing for Marriage

Premarital counseling will help you to begin preparing to have a marriage that is holy and honoring to God, and that will leave a lasting legacy.

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Preserving your Marriage

If you and your spouse are facing challenges, let us walk with you and give you tools for restoration and growth.

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Recovery Groups

Healing, discipleship, and community for anyone that desires to fight sin and the brokenness that it brings to life.

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Care Groups

Groups that meet together in community to take time to focus on specific life issues.

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We have tools and resources available for physical needs, sexual sin and brokenness, and depression.


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If you are ready to start counseling, please start by visiting the Austin Stone Counseling Center’s website.