JULY 9-15

Parents, STUDENTS, Leaders… don’t miss out on the STUDENTS event of the summer!

Our 2017 Beach Camp will be the one thing this summer that you cannot miss out on. We’ll be heading to Panama City Beach in Florida from July 9-15. The Brett Land Band will be leading worship all week, Matt Chewning – our speaker from STUDENTS CITY LIMITS – will be back with us teaching all week!

Registration opens Monday, March 27 at 12pm! The first 40 spots will be Early Bird Pricing – $375. After that, Registration goes up to $425 – which is still $125 less than last summer. There will be payment plan (over 5 months) options, and partial scholarships available.

What to Expect

  • Amazing times of worship with the Brett Land Band
  • Dynamic and engaging teaching from Matt Chewning
    • Lead Pastor of Netcast Church in Boston, MA
  • Personal investment & discipleship during condo/room time from our high relational STUDENTS Leaders as they help our kids process what Matt will be teaching
  • Afternoons of fun at the beach! (our lodging is right on the sand!)
  • New community formed, new relationships made, and current relationships strengthed.
  • FUN and laughter! We believe that creating moments of wonder in a teenagers heart (late night worship on the beach, games, funny videos, skits, dancing, etc) will open a window that helps them see the joy available to us in Christ!
  • Safety and protection. We know that your children are your most valuable possessions, and we’ll be doing everything in our power to make sure their trip is a safe one. We will have one leader present for every 5 students attending. We are bringing 22 trained volunteer leaders and 5 student leaders who will be with you children 24/7.


Sunday, July 9

  • 9p – Registration starts at For The City Center (500 East St John Ave, Austin, TX 78752)
  • 10p – Bus Leaves for Panama City Beach

Monday, July 10

  • 7:00a – Arrive in Baton Rouge, LA for Breakfast
  • 11:00a – Arrive at The Hangout in Gulf Shores for Lunch
  • 2:00a – Arrive at Majestic Resort in Panama City Beach
  • 3:00p – Beach Time
  • 6:00p – Dinner
  • 8:00p – Main Session #1
  • 10:00p – Back to Rooms

Tuesday, July 11

  • 8:00a – Breakfast
  • 9:00a – Beach Devotionals
  • 9:30a – Back to Rooms
  • 10:00a – Main Session #2
  • 12:00p – Lunch
  • 1:00p – Beach Time
  • 5:00p – Clean up and Shower
  • 5:30p – Dinner
  • 7:00p – Main Session #3
  • 9:00p – Late Night – Movie on the Beach
  • 10:00p – Quiet Hours

Wednesday, July 12

  • 8:00a – Breakfast
  • 9:00a – Beach Devotionals
  • 9:30a – Back to Rooms
  • 10:00a – Main Session #4
  • 12:00p – Lunch
  • 1:00p – Beach Time
  • 5:00p – Clean Up and Shower
  • 5:30p – Dinner
  • 7:00p – Main Session #5
  • 9:00p – Late Night – Flatland Holler Concert
  • 10:00p – Quiet Hours

Thursday, July 13

  • 8:00a – Breakfast
  • 9:00a – Beach Devotionals
  • 9:30a – Back to Rooms
  • 10:00a – Main Session #6
  • 12:00p – Lunch
  • 1:00p – Beach Time
  • 5:00p – Clean Up and Shower
  • 5:30p – Dinner
  • 7:00p – Main Session #7
  • 9:00p – Late Night – Worship on the Beach
  • 10:00p – Quiet Hours

Friday, July 14

  • 8:00a – Breakfast
  • 9:00a – Beach Devotionals
  • 9:30a – Back to Rooms
  • 10:00a – Main Session #8
  • 12:00p – Lunch
  • 1:00p – Beach Time
  • 5:00p – Leave the Beach
  • 5:30p – Dinner
  • 7:00p – Main Session #9
  • 8:00p – Grab bags and head to the bus
  • 9:00p – Buses leave Panama City Beach

Saturday, July 15

  • 1:00p – Arrive back at the For the City Center


  1. How will you determine room assignments at Beach Camp? 
    • Students will be grouped into rooms by gender, age, and campus. If they aren’t able to be with kids from their campus, they’ll be with other students their age.
    • Note: Students will never share a bed with a leader or be alone with a leader one on one. In addition, middle school students will not share rooms with high school students.
  2. What is the Leader to Student ratio going to be at Beach Camp?
    • There will be a ratio of at least 1 leader to 5 students.
  3. What is the lodging accommodation like? And how will you assign leaders to each room?
    • Each condo sleeps 8-10 people and will have multiple rooms & bathrooms. There will be at least 2 leaders in the condos.
  4. What will the time on the Beach look like? Will other adults be around?
    • We’ll be on the Beach for about 4 hours each afternoon. We will be taking up most of the space in the Resort that we’re staying in (The Majestic Resort), so we’ll be taking over all of the beach front space right behind our lodging.
  5. Will non-resort guests share our space?
    • While non-resort guests won’t share our space, we can’t control who walks up and down the public beach. Our staff and leaders will have eyes on students at all times and will be devoted to keeping them in our designated area.
  6. How will meals work?
    • We’ll have two sets of leaders from our church helping with food preparation and serving our meals throughout the week. If there any food allergies or restrictions please let us know as soon as possible.
  7. My student is on the waiting list, what are the chances for spots to open up?
    • THERE’S STILL A CHANCE! As soon as a student cancels their registration, we will contact each student in the order of the waiting list. If the wait list grows to 40+ students, we’ll attempt to bring the entire wait list! If you are interested in sending your Students to beach camp, please make sure you are on the waiting list.
  8. How can I ensure my child’s safety?
    • Safety is one of our top priorities at Beach Camp. We’ll have adults who are certified lifeguards along with a registered full-time nurse.
    • We have a strict policy with our leaders and studentst that students will never be allowed to venture off alone and will have a buddy system.
  9. What is the schedule each day?
    • This is a good outline of our schedule. There may be some tweaks that we will make as we see fit.
      • Breakfast
      • Morning Big Group Session
      • Small Group Breakout Time
      • Lunch
      • Beach Time
      • Dinner
      • Evening Big Group Session
      • Small Group Discussion
      • Late Night Fun
      • Sleep
  10. What should my child bring to Beach Camp?
    • A packing list will be sent out 30 days prior to Beach Camp.
  11. I registered my child and is on the waiting list, what if my child does not end up going to Beach Camp?
    • We will refund your full registration fee until April 24th. After April 24, only 50% of the registration fee is refundable.
  12. Since the registration on the waiting list is more than the regular registration, what if someone cancels from the regular registration, will I get a refund of difference?
    • Yes, we will refund you the difference, which is $30.


Having thus a fond affection for you, we were well pleased to impart to you not only the Gospel of God, but also our own lives, because you had become very dear to us.

(1 Thessalonians 2:8)


The vision of the Students Ministry at The Austin Stone is to cultivate a community where students learn to exalt the name of Jesus in our city, nation and world while equipping families for discipleship.


The Student ministry of The Austin Stone seeks to contextualize the ministry and mission of The Austin Stone Community Church in the lives of students from 6th grade to 12th grade. Toward that end, the Students Ministry will seek to: Worship Christ, Equip students with the Gospel, Build Community that allows them to be known and cared for, and to Make Disciples.


Our Sunday gatherings are a time where our students get to connect with the Lord, our Volunteer Leaders, and one another. Every Sunday has its own unique dynamics, but a majority of the time you’re going to get a combination of hilarious games/skits, authentic worship, and challenging teaching – which often leads to vibrant discussion.


STUDENTS at the Austin Stone desires a ministry that is both DEEP & WIDE. We desire to grow wide through our Sunday gatherings, campus events, and central events. Our Discipleship Communities (DCOMMs) include biblical training, accountability, friendship, and mentorship from our dedicated Volunteer Leaders. DCOMMs are age and gender specific with 6 to 10 students who are lead by 2 Volunteer Leaders. They meet throughout the week, in different locations, and at different times.